How can spending money on business security systems make you more money?

Business security and monitoring services are in that special category of business expenses where the better they are working, the less you notice you need them.

You might look at the invoice each month and think “Why do I need this? I don’t have any security problems.”

Bingo! That’s how you know it’s working. But if you aren’t quite convinced, here are three ways that security guards, business monitoring, and alarm systems help save you money and can even increase your profits.

In retail, they call it loss prevention because it prevents stores from losing profits, usually in the form of merchandise walking out the door. While it might be hard to measure what didn’t get stolen this month, retailers know that it’s always a threat to their business.

Some retailers wait until they experience unacceptable losses, while others know that they are in a business or area that already has a trend of high theft rates.

Whether they decide to get security, surveillance cameras, or use security tags, they’ve done the math and know that the expense is less than the loss, resulting in a net gain.

If you’re a business, but not in retail, there are still benefits to having a “loss prevention” mindset. You have valuable items, especially computers and laptops, that are usually quite visible.

You want thieves, burglars, and other problem people to also see visible evidence that you are watchful and taking action to deter or stop them, whether that’s through standing guards, patrol vehicles, monitoring and surveillance cameras, keypad door locks, or other visible deterrents.Once again, it’s hard to count things that didn’t happen, but if your business neighbors are having problems and you’re not, that’s a return on your investment.

It’s important to have visible signs and warnings about your security.

You’d rather have burglars and thieves decide that you’re well-protected BEFORE they break your window, kick in your door, or otherwise cause damage to your business or building. It might be small, but it’s an unnecessary expense.

It’s also a big hassle and you could lose business or productivity while you or your employees wait for a window to be repaired or for a new door to be installed.

Our commercial alarm monitoring service scan prevent other types of damage you might not have thought of including refrigerated storage or temperature monitoring, air conditioning unit monitoring, and fire alarms.

Think it’s not worth monitoring temperatures? Ask anyone who has had a server room overheat how expensive it was to replace all that cooked electronic equipment (not to mention the cost of replacing your data). Or a restaurateur who came in to start cooking and found a warm freezer full of ruined food.

Think of it as another form of business interruption insurance.

If your HVAC unit was stolen, the computer system croaked, or the building burned down, your business would definitely be interrupted.

While your insurance would pay to get things repaired, isn’t it a lot easier to avoid those problems altogether? They aren’t going to pay for lost customers.

And wouldn’t you sleep better at night if you knew someone else was awake and watching 24/7?

Finally, just like homeowners get a break on insurance if they have an alarm system installed, there can be business insurance discounts for the amount of risk they are exposed to with their building or type of business.

Most major insurance companies like offer comprehensive business insurance programs, most of them want you to apply for a quote before they’ll give you a specific rate.

In general, they are looking for business with “lower exposure to risk.” Isn’t that what commercial security systems are all about?

You can get statistical information about the crime rates in your area, but alarm companies in Fresno like Turner Security that have a long history of local ownership will have a great deal of experience on what other businesses around you have experienced.

We also know what is most effective in deterring problems because we provide the full range of home and commercial security services from standing guards to patrol vehicles to burglar alarms and monitoring services.