A business alarm system is part insurance, part protection.

As with many of the systems, processes, and strategies you use in building your business, it’s an investment in the future by protecting your people and assets. Here’s what to consider when shopping for the best deal on business alarm systems.

The obvious entrance for every business is the front door, side windows, and the back door. But take a few minutes to really think about all the ways that a burglar could get into your business if they very badly wanted what was inside. We’ve personally heard stories from local business owners who had thieves climb in through A/C ducts or cut through a wall from an adjoining empty business space. Nationally, you’ll find unbelievable, crazy stories about burglars cutting through a roof or even driving a truck through a wall or front window.

“These unusual entry points are one reason we recommend motion detectors and video monitoring. Door and window sensors defend the obvious entrances – there are still plenty of bad guys who are too lazy to do more than check for a quick way in – but video monitoring can help us detect any intruder, as well as confirm current activity. This matters when we reach out to the police for a response.”

Copper wire theft is still an ongoing concern with cold-hearted thieves most recently targeting a playground for Little Leaguers in East Fresno County. Your AC unit and its copper tubing and wiring is a tempting target. Thieves can get on the roof without entering the building or triggering the standard entry alarms costing you thousands in damage and repairs. We have a very inexpensive AC unit protection option which can stop copper wire theft in addition to our other commercial security services.

Our business alarm system can also work during the day. Whether you use alerts to track who’s coming in and out of the building or you install panic and hold-up buttons, you can protect your employees from robbery attempts with these options.

When you shop for business alarm systems, make sure you ask us – and any security company you talk to – to specify exactly what’s included in your system. Learn about all the options the offer to protect your facility when you’re not there and when your business is open. The cheapest route may not include the options you need, leaving you unprotected. Finally, find out about their reputation. False alarms cost you money… and so do slow responses from police or emergency services. Turner Security Systems has a very credible, long-term relationship with Fresno Police Department.

Ready to get a quote for your business alarm systems? We’re happy to come out, evaluate your current situation, and give you a great deal for the value of the protection you receive. Call us at (559) 486-3466.