How to Get 24 Hour Security Services for Your Business … For Much Less than the Cost of 24/7 Security Guards

How much would 24 hour security guard service cost for your business? In California the average rate is $20 to 30 an hour, depending on several options. (We can give you an exact quote if you’re interested in standing or patrol security guard service.) That means you’d invest $480 to $720 a day and up to $21,600 a month for visible, uniformed security officers to patrol your business 24 hours a day. For a very large organization, manufacturer, or 24 hour health care facility for example, this would be an important business security systems shield showing 24 hours 7 days service.

For a smaller business, an office, or warehouse location, though, this is probably a much bigger commitment than you can afford or need. You might be tempted to have occasional security guards on site – which could be an option for specific events or a certain time of the year – but you must have some level of security, protection, or monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Because criminals don’t take time off. You know that they go to work when honest business owners have gone home to rest. And thieves and burglars don’t care if you’re not a big business. In fact, they often target smaller businesses because they think they’re less protected.

Instead of being vulnerable, though, technology has now made it possible for you to have effective business security systems operating 24/7 no matter what size your business is. At Turner Security Systems, we leverage video, audio monitoring, motion detectors and alarm software systems out of our local, custom-built, state-of-the-art facility staffed by live security technicians to protect businesses 24 hours a day.

How Many Layers of Business Security Do You Need?

In part, that’s up to you as a business (or home) owner. What do you feel comfortable with? What do your employees and customers need to see or experience to feel secure working there or doing business at your location?

  • You’ve already had problems with break-ins, vandalism, theft, or loitering. Alarm systems and visible business security cameras can provide a deterrent.
  • You or your employees feel insecure about a dark or isolated parking lot. If you’re unable to install or negotiate with the property owner for additional lighting, again, visible security systems may be sufficient. We install and monitor CCTV systems which can be effective for the inside and outside of your buildings.
  • You store valuable or irreplaceable information or equipment in your office, facility, or warehouse. Our alarm monitoring systems go far beyond the old traditional idea of burglar alarms. They now include temperature, fire, and HVAC unit monitoring.
  • You’ve had issues with loss or damage and your insurance company has raised your rates. Talk to your business insurance broker to find out if additional security or monitoring systems can reduce your costs

When you call us to evaluate your business security needs, we’ll look at your budget, your business setup, and your neighborhood. We don’t want you to waste any of your money, time or resources. We’ll combine that with our knowledge and lengthy experience of dealing with security and crime in Fresno for more than 45 years, to offer you a business security system that protects you, your business, and your employees or customers 24 hours a day.